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he is back. our year long investigation took al jazeera team from africa to asia. this is steve exclusive report. home to some of the most rare creatures. madagascar has long been a valued souther country, for the lizard king. and so is in the capitol we start to infill strait his network. particular owe is the first to mention the men were after. >> okay, okay. >> how do you know him. >> i introduce him to someone. he is the lizard king's name, caught twice for trafficking in the the the world's most dangerous species. he served eight years in u.s. and malaysian jails. he was released last year. informant whose work with him, say it hasn't taken long to resume charge of his smuggling network. >> you are sure he is still smuggling despite the fact that he has served time in jail in the u.s.? >> yes, i am very sure about it. people confirmed to us that the infamous tradeser still at it. >> still doing it now? >> yeah. >> yes. >> we needed to prove it ourselves. for that we head to the rural property, in his hometown. >> 2010, when law enforcement officers busted into this place.
administrative staff stole them. it's not on them it's on us. it's something we intend to fix. steve. d >> do you have reason to believe that iran would walk away from nuclear talks and would a diplomatic breakdown at this stage leave you no option but military action. >> and how t do you respond to e penal on the hilpeople on the hd tough sanctions will make -- >> i have said before and i will repete oreceiptrepeat. we do not want iran to have nuclear weapons. it would not be dangerous to us and our allies but it could trigger a nuclear arms race that would make life more difficult for all of us. >> our policy is that iran cannot have nuclear westminster. weapons and i'm leaving all options on the table to ensure that we might thameetthat goal. point no. 2. the reason we have such vigorous sanctions is that i put in macee came into office to have the most structured sanctions ever. i know a little bit about sanctions since we set the them. and played sur made sure that wd the international community and they had bite. and the intentio intention alwao bring the iranians to the table stoso we
. the agreement provide no immunity for any individual. including the company's billionaire owner steve cohen. >> his firm will no longer be able to manage money for the outside investors. >> this say o sea of agreement s on the verge of a 13 million-dollar agreements. both cases challenging the notion that some wall street firms are too big, too powerful and too important to the economy to prosecute. some and lists say criminal charges against chase would be a truer test. >> the sec didn't pose the same risk to the economy as a too big to jail problem as go the city bank or bank of america or wells fargo or jp. mor morgan would. if you had one of those banks charged criminally it would limit their ain' ability to trat business and they would have massive lay-offs and it would hurt the economy. raj is also serving an 11 year prison se sentence. prison charges against cohen are still possible. >> and the sec capital fine was not the only big settlement announced today. johnson & johnson was accused of paying kickbacks to doctors and a for pharmaceutical provider ad marketing drugs that are not
no immunity for any individual including the company's billionaire owner steve coen facing a civil lawsuit from the securities and exchange commission and his firm will no longer be able to manage money for outside investors. this is mid reports and federal prosecutors are on the verge of a $13 billion agreement with morgan chase over that bank's questionable mortgage procedures and both cases challenging the notion that some firms are too big, powerful to the economy to prosecute. some say criminal charges against chase would be a truer test. >> sec did not pose the same risk to the economy of too big to jail problem as one of the major money center banks like city bank, bank of america, wells fargo or jp morgan would. if you had one of those banks charged criminally it would limit their ability to transact business and have massive lay offs and a real problem for the economy. >> the fines topped the 157 million dollars that the hedge fund was ordered to pay and he is also serving a 11-year prison sentence. charges against coen are still possible and al jazeera new york. >> it's time for
was facing his old team. it was a 3-pointer by steve blake with 1.3 seconds remaining that clenched it for the latest, and they won it 99-98. >>> kicket and india have beaten west indies to win the first test. early on day three the host misdisked the west indies for 168. the next test of this two-game series begins next thursday and will be the 200th and final test match. and south africa batted first taking 266 for 5 of their 50 overs. pakistan are now 26 without loss. that's all of the sport for now, adrian. >> thanks indeed. >>> the u.s. food and drug administration is planning to ban trans-fat in foods. john reports from chicago. >> reporter: americans prepare to say good-bye to all of this. it might prove tasty, but the u.s. food and drug administration has declared trans-fat an articlery clogging peril. >> i'm so glad they are doing it, because it's in my children's snacks like cookies. >> reporter: many americans can't quite say what a trans-fat is. >> i don't really know what they are. >> reporter: but the agency says banning the substance could prevent 20,000 heart attacks
place. >> well, let's keeping it to state of texas, steve patterson will be the new ad, how hot has the seat gotten under the head coach matt brown. >> he needs to go all out and go out and win the conference. they definitely need to make ab cs pool for matt brown to keep his job. i think there is pressure on mack brown but his team is flourishing so far. >> how much celebrating will there be between florida state and ohio state. >> november is notorious for this for teams get knocked off and then it's crazy team in the bcs and no one knows who is going to play in the final company. >> yeah, now, until they get to the title game wednesday missouri, which would pose an interesting problem for them, i think missouri's defense is really good and could get afte after--let's not get ahead of ourselves. missouri has a long way to go, and alabama has a long way to go. but alabama should beat lsu and coast for the rest of the seas season. >> fresno state that caught the attention of football fans everywhere, can they stay unbeaten? >> yeah, they're going to wyoming, and they're catching wyo
the team and finished with 15 points and 14 rebounds and steve blake with 1.3 seconds remaining clinched it for the lakers and win 99-98. and favorites in south field crushed the americana and the brazilian team is in the first leg and rose to the occasion and scoring following a break away early in the second half. and that is almost equalized when the clearance hit the post. and the 5th minute the 2-0 win, and he will play in the semi finals. and the other semi finals, 2-0 from first place and the opponent scored in the first half of the return match in columbia. and he was denied a second in time and retired to go through 2-1. and they secured their place in knock out stage and eric and jermain is in 32 place and they went on to beat 2-1 at white hot lake. it is the club's leading goal scorer in europe with the 23rd goal. >> expecting and it did not happen today and we were trying to pull him through. and had a chance through the penalty. so i think we are all particularly happy for him. >> reporter: and on the brink of the last 32 places and the spanish side claimed 3-2 victory agai
at his home in charlotte. there is no timetable for his return. >> in the nba city stev steve d under went a o operation today o put in two stints in his heart. >> coming up later more interesting perspective on the dolphin's hazing scandal from a current player in the n.f.l. >> that story still continues. >> up next. day two for quitte twitter on wl street. find out how the social media site faired. >> an experimental currency in massachusetts is growing in popularity and now it could be going desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. and to contact the centers and >> welcome to al jazeera america and i'm john siegenthaler here are the top stories. >> i want to emphasize that there is not an agreement at the present time, but the p five is working hard. >> secretary of state john kerry is in geneva with world leaders bjorkinworking on a nuclear pro. >> reuters is reporting 100 people are dead as a result of the super typhoon haiyan. it's being called one of the strongest storms ever recorded. it appears to be headed toward vietnam now. >>> and a big economic number t
. he said that incognito harassed him until he left the team. dolphins owner steve ross said he will meet with martin as well. >>> one of the biggest sports stars of the world is calling it quits. retiring after a 24-year cricket career, and he leaves with rock star celebrity as you see here. thousands line the streets of mumbai, his hometown. his last international match began today in mumbai. he ranks 51st on forbes list of world's richest. >>> and reports from official league baseball obstructed the florida department of health by purchasing clinical papers that they knew was likely stolen and told not to obtain. the bio genesis center is at the center solving performance-enhancing drugs used by ou other players. >> still to come on al jazeera america, "techknow" when we come back a new way to fight pesky mosquito bites. stay with us. >> welcome back, everyone, to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top stories. people in the philippines are still reeling from the devastating affects of super typhoon haiyan. the u.n. said running water has been restored to some parts o
. wong, steve chow from the program 101 east. >> no! >> sir, are you still involved in the trade of trafficking endangered species? >> soon workers of his emerged to try to stop us from filming. but not once did wong deny that he, the world's most infamous wildlife trafficker was back in the trade. aljazeera, malaysia. >> you want to see more of this, tune in for the full first run of return of the lizard king. watch 101 east here on aljazeera on thursday at 22:30g.m.t. if you missed that, you can visit our website for more information. >> time in the news i have to say hello to farrah here with sport. >> five wickets from stuart broad has given england the advantage against australia. he was booed by the crowd after he refused to walk in a match earlier this year. he silenced critics with five or 65 as australia were reduced 273 or eight. australia had won the toss and decided to bat approximate at one point, they were 132 for six. the aussies improved thanks to a century partnership. >> as a player, you focus on your routines and what do you to get the best out of you. you are
of sport with some great rugby league action. >> reporter: steve, thank you. we'll start with the very latest. football news with barcelona looking to extend their lead, the home side has started well, they're in the league after 19 minutes. converted a second penalty 20 minutes. 2-0. anandancellotti said that spains put a strain, and they expect rina ldo to play for a world's cup finals place. >> if i see a player if tired i would rest them. rinaldo may not agree with this. i don't see him tired at moment. i see him fresh. >> 221st, sixth goal as everton and liverpool played out the 3-3 drawl. the visitors going, scoring after five minutes. suarez scored after 19 minutes. at the 9th minute hitter made the final score 3-3. liverpool to remain second. everton are sixth. >>> leaders arsenal are hosting hamptons right now. new castle with the 2-0 advantage over norwich. >> 11 days the only thing i know about my players is what i watch in my matches. i don't know how they train. i don't know how they rest. i don't know what they do between the first and the second match. i know nothing. >>
and without money there is no foot work and there is no name. >> reporter: what manager steve bruce want it called is a premier league club and maintaining status is their job whether or not the club can preserve the current name. what will it be called when the city is celebrating the culture being honored in the year 2017? the football association told me they have not officially got a name to change it to tigers and they will not change the name, it will change the culture of english football. >> and lee wellings has a blog about this and head to our website al argentina will face brazil in the final of the americana and this is the second leg of the semi final in paraguay and 4-2 victory and this is like the european league and the final will be played next thursday. adam scott is challenged by mccalry of the australian open and scott is going for the fourth title and many weeks down under and he shot record in the opening round and followed up with to under par, 70 on wet conditions on friday and two stroke lead over mccalroy and the number six stopped into conten
steve bruce and his players want hull to be called is simply a premier league club, maintaining that status is their job, whether or not the club preserves its current name. what will the footballing club actually be called when the city celebrates its culture honored in the year 2017? the english footballing organization tells me that this is no guarantee at that they will allow the name to be changed because it would change the culture of english football. >>> this week's fatal crane collapse at the sao paulo stadium increases pressure on british authorities struggling to have venues ready ahead of next year's world cup. the opening of the stadium has been pushed become to february. amateur video footage has emerged seeing the crane and accident involving stadium which killed two people. construction has been halted until at least monday. >> i do not even consider a plan b. if you consider a plan b, that means that you do not trust on your plan a. i tell you with full conviction that i believe that the arena will be ready for opening of the world cup. >> from football now up t
in manhattan are prepared to announce a deal dade. the steve run by steven a. cohen is expected to pay more than a billion dollars in criminal penalties, the largest ever for an insider trading case. also will plead guilty to insider trading. it has been one of the most popular hedge funds for decades. >> what is a small town in southern california have to do with towns in greece, costa rica and italy. they are known to have the healthiest people in the world. what makes them so special? we went to the only blue zone in the u.s. to find out. >> 60 miles east of downtown los angeles, you'll find loma linda, a university town in a blue zone, one of five places around the world where people live measurably longer, healthier lives. >> i'm 99 years old. >> the day we met ellsworth, we found him mowing his lawn and tending his garden. what's more remarkable, just four years ago, he retired from a long, successful career as a heart surgeon. >> as long as your hands are steady and eyes good, why, you can do it. i could do cardiac surgery right now. >> then with he met 84-year-old jim anderson exerc
the company's billionaire owner steve cohen, who's facing a civil lawsuit from the securities and exchange commission. his firm will no longer be allowed to manage money for outside investors. >> this agreement comes amid reports federal prosecutors are on the verge of a $13 billion agreement with j.p. morgan chase over that bank's questionable mortgage procedures. both cases challenge the notion that some wall street firms are too big, too powerful and too important to the economy to prosecute. >> some analysts say criminal charges against chase would be a truer test. >> s.e.c. didn't pose the same risk to the economy of too big to jail problem, as one of the major money center banks, like city bank, bank of america, wells fargo or j.p. morgan would. if you had one of those banks charged criminally, it would limit their ability to transact business and you'd have massive layoffs, you'd have a real problem for the economy. >> the fines top the $157 million hedge fund manager was ordered to pay, but he is also serving an 11 year prison sentence. prosecutors say criminal charges against cohe
of fighting by fighting, we visited a gym where they battle the mental scars of war. >> reporter: when steve is training and fighting he is so focused on mixed marital arts or mma that every other thought slips away including nearly drowning after a helicopter crash. >> the gym has really been like my peace. nothing will make you feel more alive then getting put through the ringer in here. >> reporter: the 31 year at vet has ptsd since 2002. the airman was in a helicopter patrolling the gulf. the pilot clipped the ship and it went 80 feet in the water. >> and i was drowning after that and i knew to get out and knew where the door was and knew the helicopter would flip over and bad shape and felt pain away. >> broke his back, leg and nose and haunted by the memory of watching a photo journal list on board drown and 11 years later he says he thinks about the crash every day but fighting and training in mma has been his therapy. >> there is a lot more you can get in here than sitting around in a circle and hugging a pillow. it's a positive environment similar to the military and around fighter
billion. joining us now is steve with the prize winner and led the investigation on the fascinating three-part series and thank you for being with us. this program, this huge holdings company is called satod, what is it? >> well satod is an organization that reports directly to iran's supreme leader and created in 89 by ito la komehini to sell abandon properties and over the years it morphed into a jagger naut like the energy sector and banking and charity division and stake in ostrich farms and all sorts of other things and adds up to tens of billions of dollars. >> the head is an supreme leader and the head of this and does that create conflicts of interest? >> he controls the organization. i many must point out that reuters found no evidence that he personally benefits and enriched him. however, money is power and it gives him -- we have known for example that it's long been known he has control over the military, over the politics of iran and he is the one who has to approve the electoral candidates for example. what our series reveals which started yesterday and today and tomorrow on
are almost here. count down to 2014 winter olympics , and for steve hulcombe the focus is on capturing a medal. focussing was not always an easy task. >> steven has been competing as a bob sledder since 1988. he struck gold as the driver of a 4-man team. it was the first such win for the americans since 1948. it was sweet for hulcombe who had to overcome an eye disease. >> i had a degenerative eye disease. it's a thinning of the kornia that causes them to bulge out. i was taking off, everything was doing well. it causedi isolation, i withdre from everything and hit rock bottom. >> that is an understatement. as he struggled with vision and keeping his disability a secret. he withdrew from friends and family, and tried to take his own life. >> you would be surprised what the human body can endure. you go through crazy stuff. i attempted suicide at one point. it was devastating. it was a moment i realised i was here for a bigger purpose, there was more for me to go. >> he found the courage to address his secret disability and did so with a risky experimental procedure. >> we were lucky t
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